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Product Information
KD / K3 Server Cabinets
EB Rapid Server Cabinets
GS/GD/G1/G2/G3/G4/G5/G6/G7 Server Network Cabinet 
BV Broadcast Cabinets
WS/WM/WK/ZH Wall-Mounted Cabinets
TE Networking Cabinets
OR/CR Open Racks
DR Date Racks
CC Control Enclosures
CB Compact Enclosures
TC Digital Temperature Unit
WA Network Exchanger Cabinets
CT Consoles
KVM Switch Console
Cabinet  Accessories
PDU Power Distribution Unit


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GS/GD/G1/G2/G3/G4/G5/G6/G7 Server Network Cabinet  
Exquisite design with precise dimension and craftsmanship;Toughened glass door with silk-screened flower pattern, vented front door border and rear door.

KD / K3 Server Cabinets
Welded frame with high intensity; High-density vented front door (patent) & rear door enable equipment protection, ventilation and reliable operation, with turning angle above 120 degrees and ventilation rate above 71.2%.

WS/WM/WK/ZH Wall-Mounted Cabinets
Welded frame, reliable structure;Easy mounting installation(patent);Cable entry on both of top cover and bottom panel;Turning angle of front door is over 180 degrees.

TE network cabinet
The detachable frame;cost effectively; price competitive.

BV Broadcast Cabinets
Optional plinth enables cabinet to stay in a fixed position, meeting requirements of under-base cable entry/ventilation and prevention;Flat pack is optional to reduce the shipment cost , easy to assembly.


 CB  Control Box
The door coated with high flexible foam seals, possess excellent seal performance, Protection Category: IP 66, main body and door each has earthing points 

CC Control Enclosure
Patent profiled welding frame, firm structure, elegant appearance, spacious internal architecture, the junction of door and frame use foam seal, posses excellent seal performance, Protection Category: IP55
CT Consoles
19” standard installation; Combined design; Easy for joining; Accessory can meet much purpose

OR Open Racks
19” standard installation,; Assemble or dis-assemble packing  design; Easy for assemble; Optional accessory
Standard: ANSI/EUARS-3CC

DR Data Racks
19” standard installation,; Assemble and dis-assemble packing  design; Strong structure; Easy for assemble; Optional accessory

Power Distribution Unit    
Multiple function module design which includes outlet module, control module, defending thunder module, guarding against electricity leakage module;Easy and convenient installation for 19” standard and various Non-standard installation
Cabinet  Accessories      
power strips, fixed shelves, fans, supports, heavy duty castor, adjustable feet, quadrate screws and nuts, cable entry rack, sliding shelves, sliding keyboard, display panel, door-lock, etc.

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